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September 12 2013


Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts: The All New Dimension of Gaming

Call of Duty is back with its tenth instalment of franchise, Ghosts. The all new version is the first person shooting video gaming series developed by Infinity Ward. The game is all set to be released on 5th November, 2013 for Windows, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation3. It will be published in Japan on 14th November, 2013 by Square Enix.

The prominent features of the game:

It will be an enhanced multiplayer platform

The behind the scenes video released by the crew of Call of Duty reveal that the multiplayer platform will not be like the previous versions of the franchise. New and improved mechanics have been added to the multiplayer. The maps feature areas which can be altered as well as destroyed. Certain areas have maps which have a nuclear kill streak which can be used for killing the top challengers of a game on the opposite team. The sniper rifles are new and improved providing more realistic sniping effect to the gamer.

The premise of the game     

This version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, takes place in the near future scenario after bombardment from space which shifts the global power balance in the world. This leads to the United States of America losing its superpower status and being ruined to rural ruins. Only some areas of the mainland have still remained powerful.

After a span of ten years, a powerful conqueror from south of equator rises as a threat to the Americans. The United States takes immediate decision by forming special operation forces which collaborate from every branch. This elite group of soldiers are referred to as Ghosts. They are dedicated to eliminate all the threats to the sovereignty of the remnants of America.

With the new rich multiplayer version and the powerful political storyline, the gamers are excited about the Call of Duty: Ghosts. With the right kind of publicity and the brand imaging, it is no wonder that the game would be another success for Activision.

Visit the Call of Duty: Ghosts official Website 

September 11 2013



FIFA 14 Game Features

All those who were eagerly waiting for FIFA 14 to be released are now ecstatic. The demo for the game was released on 10th September. FIFA is a popular video game series developed by Electronic Arts, Canada. The next upcoming release in this series is FIFA 14 whose demo was released yesterday. The full version will go on air on 24th of September, 2013 for North America.

For other regions the release dates are 27th September, 2013. The game is expected to be compatible with PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One and PlayStation Vita. The best part is that all the systems running Android and iOS operating systems will also be able to support the game.

Read on to find out about the extra features for the game:

The career mode

The new FIFA 14 has a better revamped career mode. There have been many significant additions including a Global Transfer Network which enables one to locate talents in clubs all over the world globally. The navigation hub has been redesigned and is much easier to navigate with live reports on scouting.

The ignite engine

The PlayStation 4 and XBox One versions will utilise new engine called as the Ignite Engine for FIFA 14. This will feature both the gameplay as well as graphical changes including human intelligence for live gaming experience.  The True Player Motion is another exciting feature which develops more realistic movements of players and surrounding environmental ambience.

The ultimate team

This feature is exclusive for XBox. This is an ultimate team mode for the game which has legends including Pele and Freddie Ljungberg. The gamer can acquire these classics and dive into the ultimate gaming adventure.

Other online features

The developers have announced 2v2 online seasons called as Co-op seasons which will enable the players to compete in teams of two.

The gamebox cover

Lionel Messi continues with the main cover star for all game releases. However, North America will see Messi sharing the cover with Javier Hernandez.

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